Strategic advantages

A region with easy access, only 30 minutes from downtown Montréal, the territory of Beauharnois-Salaberry is intersected by Montréal’s main bypass road, that is, Highway 30. Its proximity to the Ontario and US markets gives it a strategic advantage and makes it a choice location for any business that wants to transact with North-American and international markets.

A few of the many advantages

  • $2B in investments and 2,000 jobs announced between 2011 and 2015.
  • Junction of the major North-American communication routes and presence of diverse transportation infrastructures favouring intermodality and multimodality: highway, railway, maritime and air transportation.
  • Québec’s continental doorway for the transport/transfer of goods.
  • Access to a large pool of skilled labour and to a dynamic population: 524,800 skilled workers within reach.
  • Supply in hydroelectricity at reasonable prices with the presence of the 720 kV transmission lines of the main Hydro-Québec distribution network and a major hydro power plant that ensures the stability of supply.
  • Supply in natural gas in the industrial parks and urban areas.
  • School and higher education system focused on university studies, but also on technical trades and crafts.
  • Computer data transmission: presence of the Internet backbone via fibre optics and a major server data centre. (Installation?)
  • Complete, professional support services for developing the economy and businesses.
  • Presence of numerous suppliers of professional services and industrial equipment.

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Beauharnois-Salaberry portrait of a region