Management, administration and finances

Linda Phaneuf

General Manager

450 373-2214 ext. 128

Marie-Ève Marion


450 373-2214 Ext. 126

Ginette Lemay


450 373-2214 Ext. 130

Support for business start-up and expansion

The professionals assigned to business start-up, acquisition and expansion provide support to entrepreneurs and developers by putting into place initiatives that meet the needs of businesses in matters of financing, marketing, merchandizing, business model viability and access to the other sources of financing from the partners. Thus, the department offers a range of services that enable businesses to achieve a position of competitiveness on their markets. These actions may specifically take the form of individual mentoring, funding roundtables, sectorial networking events and CLD sponsored training.

Kathleen Bisson

Development Advisor

450 373-2214 Ext. 154

Tony Lavoie

CLD and Mutuelle d’attraction Project Coordinator

450 377-4747

Industrial, commercial and touristic commissionership

The Industrial Commissionership Department is mandated with prospecting and recruiting foreign and local investors for the territory of Beauharnois-Salaberry. These commissioners are qualified to offer various services, from the search for sites through to setting up financial packages as well providing any support relative to the establishment of new businesses. The Commissionership Department bases its actions on strategies that target dedicated sectors such as chemicals, metallurgy, transportation-logistics and the environment. In addition, the commissioners ensure follow-up on the activities of the many subsidiaries having foreign head offices that operate on its territory.

Angélique L’Écuyer

Trade and Tourism Commissioner

450 373-2214 Ext. 135

Touristic marketing

Maude Leduc

Strategies and Tourism marketing Advisor

450 373-2214 Ext. 133

Chantal Grandmont

Web and Social Media Agent

450 373-2214 Ext. 144